Can I create dubbed voice overs for TED-Ed videos?

Last updated: Jul 07, 2016 10:41AM EDT
We are currently working on a few projects for dubbing TED-Ed videos - you can see a playlist of our dubbed Spanish language videos, and more are on the way! 

Creating this dubbed content is a slow process, but if you're interested in helping us with this work, the best way to get involved is by becoming a TED Translator. 

TED and TED-Ed both do all of our closed captioning through this online community of volunteer translators. All dubbed TED-Ed content is based on the translations created by TED Translators, and we are always excited to welcome more translators. To get involved, please visit the TED translator page.

Note that TED-Ed does not allow our videos to be downloaded, edited, or redistributed without our direct supervision, so we cannot give you permission to add a dubbed voice over yourself or upload our videos to your own channel or website.

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