How can I use a lesson page with multiple groups of students?

Last updated: Feb 21, 2017 03:42PM EST
If you’re trying to use your lesson with a new group of students, or if you’d like to be able to separate different sections of the same class, we suggest creating a separate copy of your own lesson for each group with our "Customize This Lesson" tool. To do this: 
  1. Go to your lesson activity page and find the lesson you want to duplicate
  2. Use the "Edit" button to access the lesson editor
  3. Open the "More" menu and click "Adjust settings"
  4. Set your lesson to be "Customizable" and save the settings
  5. Click through to your lesson page. You should see a red "Customize This Lesson" button at the bottom right of the page
  6. Click the "Customize This Lesson" button to create a new duplicate of your lesson. You'll have the option to edit any of the content, or you can keep it exactly the same.
With this method, you can create as many copies as you need for your classes.

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