How is is TED-Ed lesson content selected?

Last updated: Mar 09, 2017 11:15AM EST
We have three public TED-Ed lesson types:

TED-Ed Originals - Each lesson script is developed by a team of educators and experts, as well as subjected to a rigorous fact-check as part of our production process.

TED Talk Lessons - There is a very selective screening process for TED speakers. If you access the original talk page on, you can often find the speaker's footnotes and/or recommended further reading lists.

TED-Ed Selects - These are lessons created by TED-Ed users, using an existing video found on YouTube. TED-Ed staff review nominated lessons and feature only a select few.

Additionally, anyone with a account can create a private lesson on TED-Ed featuring any YouTube video. If someone sends you the direct URL to a lesson they've created that cannot be found by searching the TED-Ed site, please keep in mind that this lesson has not been reviewed by our staff. Its reliability is dependent on the lesson creator.

If you have any concerns about a particular lesson, we always welcome feedback or questions.

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